How To Whitewater Raft Correctly: A Guide

How To Whitewater Raft Correctly: A Guide

If you’ve never been, whitewater rafting is the most exhilarating you can do on a moving body of water, especially in the summer. Jackson Hole has the best whitewater rafting in the country, especially if you want to do something new and fun without too much danger. Certainly, more dangerous and rapid whitewater rafting experiences are available nationwide, but that doesn’t make them better. Suppose you’re looking for fun for the entire family. In that case, everybody from children six years of age to teens to adults to the elderly can enjoy a trip down the Snake River in a whitewater rafting tour that will create memories to last a lifetime!

What to Bring

Being prepared for a whitewater rafting trip, no matter the river’s difficulty, is significant. There are different life vests and jackets for varying levels of river severity. Still, local adventures are equipped with the proper equipment for guests to enjoy a safe trip downriver, so you don’t need to worry about researching and purchasing your own equipment. We don’t suggest bringing expensive cameras or anything electronic as this isn’t a simple scenic float down a still, slow-moving river. Though the raft guide will know the “rough” spots and warn you ahead of time, you will absolutely get wet!

When to Plan a Trip

Bookings can fill up quickly, so it’s always recommended to plan a few weeks ahead of time, at a minimum. As far as the time of year goes, the river tends to be significantly colder in spring and considerably faster moving after the heavy rains and snowmelt. Spring is the best time if you’re looking for a little extra challenge and thrill, while summer provides heat, so you don’t get chilly on the water. Late summer is the calmest time, but the river still moves at a good clip and never drops below the level III rapids rating. Much of the river freezes, causing unnecessary hazards in the winter months, so while there is still plenty to do in Jackson Hole when the snow is flying, we don’t recommend trying to get on the river.

Where to Stay

Most people traveling to Jackson Hole to enjoy whitewater rafting aren’t remotely local. Hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the beautiful state of Wyoming every year to enjoy the thrills of whitewater rafting, scenic forests, and mountains and hike the historic trails to get closer to nature in a way they simply cannot do back home. The Rustic Inn provides the perfect resort and spa experience to travelers from all over the country looking to combine excitement with serenity. With accommodations to suit any taste, we invite you to book online. For an additional cost, we can book a whitewater rafting trip for you to enjoy when you visit. If you’d like, call us at 800-323-9279 to plan your whitewater rafting getaway today because the only way to whitewater raft correctly is by being prepared and letting the experts help you plan ahead.