What to Wear in Jackson Hole During the Summer Months

What to Wear in Jackson Hole During the Summer Months

Visiting Jackson Hole in the summer? Lucky you! There’s no better place to explore the great outdoors than a summer trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since you’re likely to spend a lot of time outdoors, you’ll want to be prepared. Here’s what you need to know about the climate and area so you can pack appropriately and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Jackson Hole Weather

Summer in Wyoming is pleasant and mild, with July being the hottest month. Temperatures average 73 to 82 degrees from June to August, but the mountain air in the evenings and early mornings can drop to lows of 37 degrees. 

It’s important that you have clothing that can adapt to the wide range of temperatures to maintain your outdoor comfort throughout the trip. You’ll also want to prepare for rain, since it rains an average of 5 to 6 days throughout every month in the summer.

Summer Clothing

A vacation in Jackson Hole is not one that you need to get dolled up every day before you leave your hotel. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Most people dress for comfort and function.


The easiest way to prepare for the drastic temperature changes in Jackson Hole is to dress in layers. One minute you’re comfortable in a t-shirt and the next you could be freezing! Instead of running back to your hotel room to change your outfit multiple times each day, prepare with lightweight layers that you can add or remove as needed, keeping in your backpack or tied around your waist when you don’t need it. 


The durability of denim is ideal for spending a lot of time outdoors. You can hike through the woods or stroll the sidewalks in town in a pair of comfortable jeans. Since you might want to sit on a tree log or a rock at some point, you may want to stick with dark colored jeans instead of white!


The residents and tourists of Jackson Hole tend to dress casually, but if you enjoy dressing up, it wouldn’t hurt to bring along a few casual dresses to wear to dinner. It can be windy, so you may want to skip the mini skirt and go with long maxi dresses and skirts.

Jackets and Sweatshirts

While the days warm up quickly, you will likely want to have jackets and sweatshirts for the early mornings and again in the evenings after the sun goes down. Denim jackets, rain jackets, and the standard hoodie sweatshirt are all great options for staying warm and dry without being over-dressed for the weather.


If you’re going to spend time in the woods on the trails, we recommend hiking boots. Sneakers are fine, but you may like the extra support and coverage provided by hiking boots. Beyond the trails, any comfortable shoe you can walk around in will work! Sneakers, cowboy boots, and sandals are all good depending on your activity for the day.


You probably won’t have much use for excessive jewelry or accessories in Jackson Hole. We do recommend bringing a backpack so you can carry your clothing layers with you. Grab a water-resistant pack to protect everything inside if a rain storm should pop up out of nowhere!