Where to Discover Wildlife in Jackson Hole

Where to Discover Wildlife in Jackson Hole

Located at the center of the Snake River Valley, Jackson Hole is home to a diverse variety of scenic locales. From the Grand Tetons to the winding Snake River, the valley hosts a vibrant ecosystem ideal for travelers looking to capture a special moment outdoors. Below are some of the best locations for viewing wildlife in Jackson Hole, as well as some tips for making the most of your time in Wyoming.

Moose-Wilson Road

Appropriately located by the town of Moose, this road winds through forest and marsh habitats. The road is one of the best locations to find moose herds in the area. You may also spot beaver dams, as well as the occasional bears scrounging around for food. Along the road, you can visit the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve, and the Granite and Death Canyon Trailheads. The entire trip will last you around 45 minutes unless you park at one of the pull-off areas and take in the sights!

Kelly Loop

Just off several highways, the Kelly Loop is a prime location to catch sight of buffalo and pronghorn antelope. While there visit the Mormon Row Housing District and capture some photos of the iconic architecture. You can also take a drive around Antelope Flats for stunning views of the Grand Tetons. Additional destinations along the loop include Kelly’s Yurt Park, the Gros Ventre Slide, and Shadow Mountain.

Oxbow Bend

Along highway 89/191 between Jackson Lake and Moran Junction, Oxbow Bend is a scenic overlook created by erosion from the river. Pelicans, herons, otters, muskrats, moose, and bears can be found here. Be sure to catch the sunrise or sunset as it reflects upon the water. Aspiring photographers will have plenty of opportunities to create a memorable shot.

National Elk Refuge

A wintertime delight, arrange a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge to view one of the largest groups of elk and bison in the United States. Sleigh rides occur from mid-December through early-April (weather dependent). Also keep an eye out for the rare bald eagle, coyotes, and herds of bighorn sheep. Wolves were recently reintroduced into the ecosystem, and spotting one in action is a special treat.

What is the Best Way to View Wildlife in Jackson Hole?

The most convenient option for seeking out wildlife in the outdoors is embarking on a wildlife safari. With the assistance of a skilled guide, you can quickly locate the best opportunities for encounters in the area, in addition to learning about the geography, history, and lore of the national parks. Safaris can even include specialized gear for your use and pre-planned meals, allowing you to easily plan an entire day trip. 

Learn More About Wildlife in Jackson Hole

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