Where to Find Moose in Jackson Hole

Where to Find Moose in Jackson Hole

Visitors to Wyoming love the opportunity to see wildlife they may not get to see where they live. Moose are one of the favorite animals people hope to catch a glimpse of when they’re traveling through the Jackson Hole area. You’re likely to spot a moose in many of the mountain ranges and river bottom areas across the entire state, but your best bet to see moose is to go where they are found in the greatest numbers: around the Bridger-Teton National Forest region just south of Jackson,  in the Bighorn National Forest in north-central Wyoming, and in the Medicine Bow Forest in southeast Wyoming.

Popular Places for Moose Sightings

Moose are often spotted near the beautiful Grand Tetons, including:

Oxbow Bend Turnout

A popular place for breathtaking photography, Oxbow Bend Turnout is in Grand Teton National Park. Drive along the Grand Teton scenic loop drive, the main road through Grand Teton National Park. It will take you right to Oxbow Bend. The parking area is located along the side of the road and includes both roadside parking and a parking lot.

Visit the river flats in Oxbow Bend during the early morning hours and at dusk for your most likely time to see moose. You can also see bald eagles, deer, otters, and swans.

Moose-Wilson Road

Between the towns of Moose and Wilson, the Moose-Wilson Road winds through marsh habitats and forest, giving travelers an opportunity to view a variety of wildlife. The road brings visitors to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve, the Granite and Death Canyon Trailhead, and the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center.

As you’re driving, look along the slopes of the roadside and in the underbrush for moose.

The National Elk Refuge

While the main purpose of this guided tour is to see elk, it’s also extremely common to see moose! From mid-December through early April, you can ride in a horse-drawn sleigh for 45 minutes to an hour through an elk herd of thousands of elk. Remember to dress warmly – it feels colder out in the sleigh than it does in town.

Drive to Slide Lake

If you drive toward Gros Ventre Junction from Jackson and take a right toward Kelly, Wyoming, this road can take you to Slide Lake. On the way, you’re likely to see moose along the Gros Ventre river, as well as elk, buffalo, deer, antelope, foxes, coyotes, and bald eagles.

Book a Wildlife Tour with Rustic Inn

If you have your heart set on seeing a moose, we recommend booking a sunrise or sunset tour as that is the most likely time they make an appearance. Also, moose sightings are most common in November and December.

Our Jackson Hole wildlife safari gives you access to an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide who can also take you to places where you’re most likely to experience a moose sighting.

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