Enjoy the Top Scenic Views in Jackson Hole

Enjoy the Top Scenic Views in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is home to some of the most stunning vistas in all of Wyoming. With grand mountains, a national park, and rare wildlife, Jackson Hole is full of natural beauty. If you are looking to make the most of your time visiting the area, there are several scenic locations perfect for photography, taking in the sunset, or enjoying the sights.

Rendezvous Peak

One of the highest peaks in Wyoming, measuring 10,450 feet high, Rendezvous Peak is an ideal place to get gorgeous views of the valley below. To reach the summit, take the famous red tram up at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. For those who like to ski, Rendezvous Mountain offers some of the most challenging courses in the state.

Snake River Overlook

Slightly north of the city of Moose, Snake River Overlook offers a view of the entire Teton Mountain Range. Just off Highway 89, you can park your car for the best view. Fans of Ansel Adams will recognize this area as the site of one of his most famous photographs. While visiting Snake River, you can reach Schwabacher’s Landing, where you can witness the reflection of the Tetons upon the water.

National Elk Refuge

The home of thousands of elk in the winter, the National Elk Refuge is one of the few places you can catch the sight of the beautiful herds in action. Sleigh rides are available at the refuge and are a fun way to take in the area. While there, you can visit the nearby Sheep Mountain, known for the unique Sleeping Indian formation and the site of one of the largest landslides in history.

Grand Teton National Park

Providing several opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities, Grand Teton National Park is the heart of the valley. Be sure to explore the nearby waterfalls, as well as the many lakeside views, which showcase the Teton Mountain Range and Mount Moran. In the center of the park lies Signal Mountain, where you can hike up the Signal Mountain Trail for a great vantage point to view the entirety of the park.

Mormon Row Historic District

A popular photography spot and cultural landmark, The Mormon Row Historic District offers iconic structures built by Mormon homesteaders in the early 1900s. During the summer and fall, you can enjoy the natural streams and wildlife while the mountains provide a scenic backdrop to your day.

Shadow Mountain

The location of one of the few sage meadows in the West, Shadow Mountain is a pristine and scenic spot. You can explore the base of the mountain and its fields, or make the drive up to the high summit. Shadow Mountain is also well known as a camping site and for trails ideal for hiking and biking.

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